July 27, 2020 Bazza's Blog
Garden Flowers
Marianne, the other half of Barrianne-Photos adores her garden! I just get the opportunity to do the tough stuff (although, with my recent health issu ......
July 23, 2020 Bazza's Blog
Watering the Garden
Amazing when you start to get your photographer's eye back. Simple things like watering the plants that Mrs. Cant planted this Spring bring image ......
July 20, 2020 Bazza's Blog
Keeping the Planet alive
Went to photograph an aircraft the other day but it wasn't to be - for some reason its 'tour' had deviated somewhat from the intended path by abo ......
July 13, 2020 Bazza's Blog
Blue Grotto - Malta
We celebrated our Wedding Anniversary in style - always wanted to go to Malta, so that's what we did.
July 11, 2020 Bazza's Blog
Thank you NHS
It's been a long time since there we've added any content to this site - sincere apologies. 2019 and 2020 has been a very traumatic period for us.. I ......
February 24, 2016 Bazza's Blog
Flying Scotsman Flies
A long awaited day finally came.The Flying Scotsman had been fully restored to its original pristine glory. I work in Peteborough and got to hear ......
January 23, 2016 Bazza's Blog
Seals in Norfolk
Been too long since I've updated this Blog.Always wanted to photograph seals and I just managed to get over to Horsey in Norfolk and 'catch' the last ......
June 6, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Throckmorton Airshow
I heard earlier this year that only airworthy Avro Vulcan bomber (XH558) will be in it's last year of flying. Bitterly disappointed, it's an ico ......
March 4, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Sunshine and Snow - Photographer's dream
Managed to get to The Campsies. Seen them many times before (I have a Customer I visit in Kirkintilloch) but have never been up 'close' to them. I fou ......
March 3, 2015 Bazza's Blog
The snow continues
Having finally arrived at my hotel I just settled down. 6.5 hours driving is quite a journey after all. Then I got the weather forecast - waking up an ......
March 2, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Winter's back
March comes in and I have to go to Scotland. On the way to Glasgow I was enthralled driving North and the recent snowfalls made it a visual treat. 69 ......
February 27, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Spring is ... er, Springing!
The sun came out, I felt the need to get out in it but - I was working.Never mind, I just went for a walk lunch time in Peterborough. I wasn't disappo ......
February 24, 2015 Bazza's Blog
The Moon and Orion
Got really tempted after being in Helsinki last week and photographing the stars. Wednesday was quite a clear night in North Cambridgeshire so I dragg ......
February 18, 2015 Bazza's Blog
A quick walk around the Docks
It was only a short trip to Helsinki. I had a couple of hours before I had to my way back to the airport so I took the opportunity to have a walk arou ......
February 16, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Night-time in the Bay
This was an amazing opportunity to photography this harbour in the cold weather.... and BOY, was it cold. The air temperature was around -7°C but the ......
February 16, 2015 Bazza's Blog
Good Morning Helsinki
Or, in Finnish.... Hyvva Huomenta Helsinki! Such a difficult language. An old colleague once told me that it can't that hard, children can speak it. ......
February 15, 2015 Bazza's Blog
On my way to Helsinki
In a previous life I used to work for Nokia; that took me to Finland many times. I'd not been for a while and recently had the opportunity to return.Q ......
February 7, 2015 Bazza's Blog
We had snow
Well, only for a little while. I took the trouble to go to work a different way and had a treat for the eyes! Probably about the only good thing about ......
February 7, 2015 Bazza's Blog
A Winter's Day in Loughborough
Cold weather steam. What could be better for a photo opportunity?I was recovering from that horrible Christmas virus everybody seemed to get and got ' ......
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